“God, the one and only…

Everything I need comes from him…

He’s solid rock under my feet,

   breathing room for my soul…

Psalm 62:1-2 MSG


When was the last time you actually felt rested? Able to set aside the endless to-do lists, responsibilities, and expectations and just be?

What would it be like to release your burdens, to wrap yourself up in the knowledge & presence of God, inhale His peace and exhale the pressures of this life? Even if only for one night?

What if there was a place you could do just that? A space provided for you, to reconnect with God one-on-one, but also gather with women of all ages and stages, all sisters in Christ, all seeking refreshment in the arms of our Father?


A night of worship, teaching, and connection

Where women gather to rest in His presence and leave with the tools to live out His peace.



Worship – Lierin Schmidt

Teaching – Marie Osborne